My name is DeAnne Brining, and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) based in Sacramento, CA. Choosing the right therapist is an important part of successful therapy. This website was created with the hope that it will provide a window into who I am, as well as my therapeutic outlook. The relationship between the therapist and client must be a ‘good fit’ and one that is grounded in trust and honesty.

It takes courage and commitment to delve deep into one’s soul for the purpose of growth, change, and the opportunity to thrive as a fully engaged human being. As your therapist my goal is to help you discover your original potential and find your path to a truly joyful and fulfilling life. I work from a psychodynamic approach, and incorporate somatic, cognitive, and behavioral systems. My approach focuses on the whole person: mind, body, emotions and soul. We must acknowledge and address all the components of our humanness if we want to live whole lives.

As we begin therapy, we will discuss your goals and also identify the issues that are preventing you from achieving those goals. The overall goal is becoming the whole person you can be, and engaging in the full life you were meant to live. As a therapeutic team, we will explore your developmental history and trauma, current life stressors, ineffective communication, or the ways in which you may be engaging in self-sabotage and self-damaging behaviors. We will also identify the cognitive distortions and worn-out patterns of behaviors that are preventing you from living a healthy life. We will identify your strengths and productive choices that will help you to achieve your goals. You can find your voice and clearly communicate your thoughts, your feelings and your needs. Our work will focus on a positive future that includes replacing familiar dysfunctional patterns with newfound healthy insights that allow you to be present and mindful, rather than reactive and regressive.

Areas of Clinical Focus:


Life transitions: job loss/relocation, divorce, death, retirement



Abuse: physical, sexual, emotional

Depression/Postpartum Depression


Christian Counseling

Work related stress

Victims of human trafficking



MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, University of San Francisco, 1997

Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Stanislaus State University, 1983


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, CA

Licensed Registered Nurse, CA


CAMFT- California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Hello, I’m DeAnne

I am fortunate to have a career path that has taken me through a wide variety of fulfilling experiences. I have extensive mental health experience working with individuals, couples, and families, and I have worked with all levels of mental health. I currently have a private practice in downtown Sacramento providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples & families, as well as working with young women who have been victims of sex-trafficking. Most of my career has been focused on serving those who have experienced trauma.

For many years I have provided therapeutic clinical services to adolescents and young women who were victims of sex-trafficking. Currently I work in the Oak Park community in Sacramento through the organization, City of Refuge. It has been a privilege to work alongside them on their journey of finding their way and becoming healthy and whole.

I am also a Registered Nurse, graduating with my B.S.N. in 1983. I have worked on many units including maternity, oncology, NICU, pediatrics, and a psychiatric unit.

As a licensed clinician, I have provided supervision for unlicensed therapists who are working towards their hours to become licensed therapists. And in 2005 I had an opportunity to provide instruction within the psychiatric rotation for the Sacramento City College Nursing program. In addition to my current private practice, my therapy career has included:

  • Psychiatric counselor at the Sacramento Juvenile Hall
  • Group home residents and foster families
  • Lodi School District: school mental health services
  • Police and fire department personnel dealing with various work-related stress

On a personal note, I pursue a life of joy, which for me translates to maintaining a grateful perspective in good times and hard times, seeking truth, facing problems head-on, engaging in self-care, always being open to growth, and to be spiritually grounded. The joys and blessings in my life are too many to list, and I make a choice to acknowledge and honor them. I find peace and renewal in places of water; lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and the ocean. I find energy and synchronicity in physical activity that serves as somatic therapy for me. For almost 20 years that passion has been boxing, and before that I spent many years studying the art of Kenpo karate.

Office Information

I am providing the following information to assist you in navigating the various logistics prior to our first session.  You can access the necessary paperwork at the bottom of this page, including the therapy contract, your contact information, and consent to Telehealth (if you plan on doing Telehealth at some time).  After we have scheduled the first appointment, please fill out the forms, and either email them to me, or bring the paperwork to the first session.  If for some reason the therapeutic connection isn’t evident after the first few sessions, I can refer you to other therapists or you can request one from your insurance provider.

I also provide online therapy sessions via the internet through the telehealth company Theralink. This venue allows for continuity of care for clients to access therapy when an office visit is not feasible due to issues such as: transportation glitches, clients who move out of town, or schedules that don’t allow for travel to my office.  Telehealth is not appropriate for certain situations and that will be discussed if the client is requesting telehealth in place of in-office sessions.  For new clients I require the first few sessions in-office to assess if telehealth is appropriate.

My fee is $120.00 per therapy session if you are using private pay.  I also accept the insurances listed below and the Victims of Crime Program. My fee or any co-pay is due at the beginning of the session.  I take payment through Venmo or Zelle, and cash.  I do not take credit/HSA cards.  I provide a sliding-scale fee on a limited basis.

Using Insurance Health Benefits: prior to the first session, you must contact your insurance provider to check the specifics of your plan.  Questions to ask your insurance company:

  • How many sessions do I have?
  • Is DeAnne Brining, LMFT on their provider list?
  • How much is my co-pay, and do I need to meet a deductible?
  • Do I need an authorization before beginning therapy with the therapist?

Insurance Accepted

Carelon Health (formerly Beacon Health)

Blue Shield


United Behavioral Health/Optum

MHN (Managed Health Network)



Office Hours

Mon – Thurs: 12:30pm – 6:30pm
Fri: 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Contact Info


1430 Alhambra Blvd. Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95816